Eric Jon Job Photography is about sharing my images and impressions from the southern Appalachian highland region and beyond. The world is a visual paradise, endowed by our Creator with impossible beauty and wonder. I thrive on being in the wild, exploring the world with a camera, basking in a deep appreciation for the grace given to me through Christ to see His great work. Perhaps, once in a while, I can capture a moment of it and share it with you.

In addition to creating fine art photographs of the world around us, I do commercial photography. I appreciate my subjects for the same reasons, whether they are natural scenes, people, or commercial projects. Each fits into God's creation and unfolding plan.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this website. I welcome any comments, suggestions and feedback through my Contact page.

Recent Blog Posts

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Where to Find My Work

If you're in Johnson City, Tennessee, visit Robin's on Roan at 1305 North Roan Street. Robin showcases some of my work as well as that of many other regional artists. She is also the best custom framer in the tri-cities.